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10 APSARS 2010 Pitsunda Cathedral of St. Andrew Abkhazia -. The price value of the coin

2018-01-14 02:34:40

10 APSARS 2010 Pitsunda Cathedral of St. Andrew Abkhazia -. the price value of the coin
10 APSARS 2010 Pitsunda Cathedral of St. Andrew Abkhazia -. the price value of the coin
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Coins Description

coinage Type
Commemorative coins
Face 10 APSARS
Series Historical monuments of Abkhazia

catalogs Prices

Physical Properties


At the top of the central part of the coin, on the smooth field of the relief image of the Bank of Abkhazia emblem, underneath the inscription in Abkhaz "Aҧsny Abank" over the arms of the semicircular inscriptions indicate the denomination of the coin 10 APSARS, along the edge on the left part of the coin indication of the metal on the periodic table system of chemical elements DI Mendeleev and the fineness, to the right side - the brand name list of names and mint. At the bottom of the coin, on the matted field and raised small print inscriptions "Aҧsny Abank" in five lines marked the year of issue "2010".


In the center of the coin depicts Pitsunda Cathedral of St.. Andrew. Left image Remote Cross Cathedral, and the right image miter Catholicos of Abkhazia. The circumference of the inscription in Abkhaz "Pitsunda Cathedral of St.. Andrew." At the bottom - the image of a cathedral date listed buildings

Mint: Moscow Mint
Copies 1000
minting quality: Proof
release Date: 06.12.2010 year
Metal: Silver
sample: 925
The position of the obverse and the reverse: medal (0 deg.)
The edge type: Milled
coin form: circle
Diameter: 39.0 mm
Weight: 33.94 g
Thickness: 3.3 mm

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