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Income Ben eficiary
One who receives income from a trust.

Coin Alexander Column
Among the coins commemorative events occupies a special place coin "Alexander Column" par value of one ruble made of pure silver .

5000 Dinars release 1992, Bosnia and Herzegovina
Bonistichesky catalog | Region - Europe Country - Bosnia and Herzegovina Part number * P-16b Dignity 5000 RSD - // - in English 5000 Dinars Years 1992 Notes notes / bonds Available Image

5000 Franks Release 1999, Nigeria (West African States)
Bonistichesky catalog | Region - Africa Country - Nigeria ( West African States) Part number * P-713Kj Dignity 5000 francs - // - in English 5000 Francs Years 1999 Notes notes / bonds Available Image

20 cents 1876, the price value of the coin
This year the rules (a): Alexander II Nikolaevich Material: Silver Circulation: 16.

10 soldi 1868 Ag

Cat Bond
Bond where the interest and, possibly, the principal paid are reduced if a particular category of "catastrophic" insurance claims exceed a certain amount.


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