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Certi Fication effect
As with any other firm commitment offer, the invest­ment bank carries the risk of price fluctuations after the primary market transaction. As with an IPO, this should increase investors` confidence. As an outside third party, the managing investment bank has examined the issuer and found the firm worth. The bank "puts its money where its mouth is" by giving a firm commitment price and underwriting the issue. This certification effect conveys information to the marketplace that the issue is fairly price.

Gold Stand ard
A monetary system where the value of a country`s currency is determined by the value of the gold content in the currency.

Volatile Deposits
Difference between actual outstanding deposits and core deposits; they represent balances with a high probability of being withdrawn. Implicitly, these are a bank`s highly rate sensitive deposit that customers withdraw as interest rates vary.

50 Lek release 1976, Albania
Bonistichesky catalog | Region - Europe Country - Albania Part number * P-45s2 Dignity 50 lek - // - in English 50 Leke Years 1976 Notes notes / bonds Available Image

0.50 Lek 1930 - 1931 (s) (KM#13), Albania
Numismatic Directory | Country - Albania catalog number KM#13 Face 0.

10 Dollars 2000 year, Bermuda
Bonistichesky catalog | Region - North America Country - Bermuda Part number * P-52 Dignity $ 10 - // - in English 10 Dollars Years 2000 Notes notes / bonds Available Image

Europe - Poland
Europe Poland Poland The Republic of Poland 1989 - 2004 2 zl (PLN) Location: Poland Coin: 2 zl (PLN) minting periods: 2009 Metal: Alloy stop Nordic Gold: CuAl (5) Zn (1) Sn (1) Size: 27.

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