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10 Florin 2003 release, Aruba
Bonistichesky catalog | Region - North America Country - Aruba Part number * P-16 Dignity 10 florins - // - in English 10 Florins Years 2003 Notes notes / bonds Available Image

50 Pounds of manufacture 1995, Gibraltar
Bonistichesky catalog | Region - Europe Country - Gibraltar Part number * P-28 Dignity 50 pounds - // - in English 50 Pounds Years 1995 Notes notes / bonds Available Image

25 cents 1872, the price value of the coin
This year the rules (a): Alexander II Nikolaevich Material: Silver Circulation: 44,000 Weight: 5.

Coins of Rome - North Otatsiliya
main directory selling coins articles and background information links  

Polushka (1/4 penny) 1853, the price value of the coin
This year rule (s): Nicholas I Pavlovich Material: Copper Circulation: 5.

300 GEL 2006 Golden Fleece Georgia State - the price, the value of the coin
price, - Description Prices on the Internet Coins Description Room for Krause KM#100 coinage Type Investment coin Face 300 GEL catalogs Prices Catalog price Krause for BU 9.

Piso 1 issue of 1969, the Philippines
Bonistichesky catalog | Region - Asia Country - Philippines Part number * P-142b Dignity 1 Piso - // - in English 1 Piso Years 1969 Notes notes / bonds Available Image

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