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5 Euro 2004 soccer World Cup 2006 in Germany, the European Union (Euro) - the price, the value of the coin
Description Prices on the Internet Coins Description Room for Krause KM#238 coinage Type Memorable coin Face € 5 catalogs Prices Catalog price Krause for UNC 100 dollars Physical Properties Mint: Mint Italian yard (Rome) Circulation : 35,000 minting quality: Proof release Date: 04.

What is the collection
Most people when answering this question, first of all remember the armored cars collectors in carrying bank money.

20 cents 1909
Description The first coins of 20 cents period of the reign of Emperor Nicholas II began to mint only 7 years after the beginning of his reign.

50 Peso release 1974, Argentina
Bonistichesky catalog | Region - South America Country - Argentina Part number * P-296 Dignity 50 peso - // - in English 50 Peso Years 1974 Notes notes / bonds Available Image

Chervonets 1704, the price value of the coin
This year rule (s): Peter I Material: Gold Circulation: 8675 Weight: 3.

CHF 1,000 2011 Easter
Description Prices on the Internet Coins Description coinage Type Commemorative coins Face 1000 francs catalogs Prices Physical Properties Mint: BH Mayer Mint Copies 2000 minting quality: Proof Features: with a color image Metal: Silver sample: 925 position of the obverse and the reverse: medal (0 deg.

15 cents 1941 Coin, Soviet coins, commemorative coins of the USSR and Russia
metal: nickel alloy circulation of ths: unknown weight: 2.


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