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Rich hire only the "giants»
Rich hire only the "giants» hiring the best people and giving them the freedom of action, you form a company in a special atmosphere. As David Ogilvy, you must create a company "giants". Taking a team of people than yourself, you are creating a company of dwarfs.

How rich you?
Are you rich? We all much richer than we think, Michel de Monten I would again like to emphasize his point of view, in order to clarify the priorities in life.

Excitement you have to lose sleep
excitement you have to lose sleep If you believe with all the passion in their work, the excitement and fervor will come by themselves, you`ll be so excited that you can not sleep. Your brain must be crowded with ideas and possibilities, and do you have to lay in bed, eyes wide, with paper and pen on hand to immediately transfer to the paper any thoughts that you suddenly deep autumn night.

Have an extensive customer base
have an extensive customer base In general, if you address their goods in emerging markets worldwide, opens in front of you a great opportunity to attract a large number of buyers.

How to invest in mutual funds
Buy selected mutual fund shares just. Enough to come to any agency of the mutual fund management company point with a passport, fill out and sign two documents: application form with personal details to open an account that will store and shares bid for purchase of units of the selected fund to the desired amount.

Profitable the investment in real estate
idea invest free money in real estate is still in first place in popularity among Russians. However FAQs indicate that not everyone understands the real properties of this type of asset.

Be vigilant at stages 2 and 3
Be vigilant at stages 2 and 3 Upon completion of the previous stage and it may take several months, your next step - to go back to the search for additional cash injections if you want to grow faster.

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